Earn as you learn

Earn as you learn - cover your costs

Dru Yoga Class Sitting

Start teaching as soon as possible

We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to train as a Dru Yoga teacher. 


For example, we encourage you to gather informal teaching experience from halfway through the course, after an interim assessment.


It's easy to cover the costs of your course

We have a scheme we call ‘earn as you learn’. It means you can choose to start teaching while halfway through your course, after an interim assessment. From this point on you can easily* earn enough to pay more than 70% of your course costs, and on average a teacher can then go on to completely recover all course payments within one to two years of graduating.

Money is no object

We understand that in these economic times it's important to think twice before you spend.

We hope that you'll realise that money really is no object if you want to train as a Dru Yoga teacher.

You can have paid for half of your course before you even finish, and the other half within a year of graduating!


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* If you decided to teach 6 people ($15/class) at home for 3 x 10-week terms a year, during the last half of your course, and then 12 people in a hired hall for 18 months also in 3 x 10-week terms per year (at $18 each per class)… you’d completely cover all your course fees.