Add new skills to your bow

Dru Yoga Class Strong


Are you a therapist, corporate trainer, medic, teacher or coach?

The Dru Yoga teacher training course will give you important skills to broaden your career.

Therapists and coaches

Dru Yoga teacher trainees include physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, nurses, doctors, psychologists and many more.


  • Gain self-help techniques to give to your clients between visits
  • Help your clients help themselves
  • Understand the subtle energy links between the body and painful emotions or thoughts...
  • ... and give your clients tools to help transform painful emotions or thoughts into positive experiences
  • Gain further skills in clearing the transfer of emotions and thoughts from clients to you
  • Learn yoga's in depth group energetics to help you manage group sessions more potently


Trainers, teachers and HR professionals

Many corporate trainers and group leaders do the Dru Yoga teacher training course specifically to learn about yoga's insights into communication and group energetics.


  • Learn how to quickly boost the overall energy of a group: assess their needs and gain techniques that quickly lift or harmonise group energetics.
  • Understand the principles behind classroom energetics.
  • Instant rapport building skills - between yourself and your group, and between people in your group
  • Build a supportive group environment swiftly and effortlessly
  • Understand learning styles and how to optimise your presentation for the people in front of you