Do it just for yourself

Dru Yoga EBR 4

Want to deepen your practice?

If you have no intention of teaching, you'll find the Dru Yoga course richly rewarding.


You'll be in good company, because about one third of Dru Yoga trainees do the course simply to gain yoga's many benefits just for themselves.

You'll enjoy the teaching skills

And in our experience you'll enjoy the teaching skills sections, which are deliberately taught with you in mind: they are fun, build friendships, and help you deepen your practice.


Moreover, these sessions help you learn the energetics of communication, which will boost your relationships with family, friends, colleagues and in your profession.

Friendships that last

The nature of Dru Yoga teaching creates a warm, supportive group environment. It's very likely that you'll form some of the greatest friendships of your life from amongst the warm and friendly bunch of like-minded, supportive people you'll meet on the course.

Give back to the world

Dru Yoga practitioners tend to enjoy giving back to society, each finding their own unique ways to add to the world. Run a marathon in Rwanda to support rebuilding efforts? Set up a new charity? Climb a mountain for a good cause? Dru Yoga will help you discover the sky is the limit!

Discover your potential, clarify your purpose

Above all, the Dru Yoga teacher training course helps you become more 'you'. It will help you clear away the stress and busyness of modern living, soften old emotional pains and regain the fresh originality of your lifelong dreams.


Dru Yoga - become who you really are.