Meet the team

Meet the Dru Teacher training team

Trish BrownPatricia Brown

Patricia Brown is Co-director of Dru Australia and senior tutor on the Dru Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training courses. She combines her expertise as a highly respected natural health professional with Dru yoga presenting at international workshops, conferences and retreats creating a successful holistic approach to Body/Heart/Mind wellbeing. Patricia is a freelance writer of yoga philosophy and is passionately involved in global humanitarian peace projects.



Jes ScharbowJanet Sharbow

Janet co-manages Dru Australia and is senior tutor on the Dru Yoga and Meditation teacher training courses. She has over 17 years experience as an international yoga teacher and presenter in Australia, Britain and India and has pioneered Dru Dance workshops and teacher training. Janet combines her previous corporate business skills, personal development knowledge and yoga therapy to help people at all levels understand and simplify the complexities of life, relax and flow intuitively, release stress and find fulfillment in life.


Noelene FrancisNoelene Francis

One of the first to qualify and teach Dru Yoga classes in Australia, Noelene presents Dru workshops throughout Australia and is a senior international tutor on both the Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation teacher training courses. She has taught corporate yoga in Canberra & Brisbane, and combines her many years’ experience of both music and yoga to specialize in the yoga of sound.




Andrew WellsAndrew Wells

Andrew is Director of Dru Yoga and Meditation in Australia having taught for nearly 20 years in more than 30 countries. He has pioneered the application of Dru in the conflict zones of Europe and Africa to help people overcome emotional trauma. He is a visionary author, video and audio presenter and website writer on yoga and climate change. As an international presenter he trains people in whole-person approaches to health, self-empowerment and the healing of emotional trauma. 



Alina HughesAlina Hughes

Alina is passionate about helping people to live optimal purposeful lives through the use of yoga, meditation and other techniques. She has extensive experience in natural health and wellbeing, conducting personal and career development programmes, personal mentoring and has successfully operated her own businesses. Currently Alina is the Course Enquiries Manager for Dru Australia, teaches on the Dru Yoga teacher training courses, manages the Dru Australia office and co-ordinates a large team of volunteers. 




Astoria BarrAstoria Barr

Astoria spearheads PR and Marketing within Dru Australia after experience in media, project management and alternative therapies. She writes articles on peace projects and the transformative power of Dru for newspapers and national health & wellbeing magazines. Astoria cultivated a passion for wellbeing and yogic philosophy, teaching spiritual and personal development courses from age 24, and then teaching more recently with Dru.



Jacqueline Carlin

Jacqueline Carlin

Jacqueline teaches and helps facilitate Dru teacher training courses, events, retreats and global peace projects in Australia.  She successfully combines her love of Dru with a management career in government and a family.  Jacqueline has taught Dru yoga in both community and corporate environments for 10 years.





Jacqueline CarlinMouli Mackenzie

Mouli has been practicing yoga for over 30 years, and teaches internationally on the Dru Yoga teacher training courses, Dru Dance and Dru retreats.  An award winning book designer, Mouli is also part of the Dru international publications team and heads the Dru graphics team in Australia. A qualified therapist Mouli mentors people to help them overcome emotional blocks, and also runs relaxing weekend retreats on the south coast.




Ruth Rohan JonesRuth Gent

Ruth has practiced yoga for over 20 years, focusing on Dru for last 11, and now teaches on the Dru Yoga Teacher Training courses throughout Australia. Ruth conducts corporate yoga classes and workshops as well as specialist yoga classes for people with chronic conditions.
She is a natural therapist, an emotional intelligence and leadership development coach and a workshop facilitator with the Australian Institute of Management.



Shirley CampbellShirley Campbell

Shirley teaches on the Dru Yoga Teacher Training courses and enjoys teaching in community classes, in corporate and academic environments, also in the gym and for the elderly and those with disabilities.
With an early career as a university lecturer, she now works as a shiatsu therapist and runs a successful complementary health practice in Canberra.





Jacqueline CarlinSuzanna Thell

Suzanna has successfully married her Diploma of Dru Yoga with her Bachelor of Education (early childhood) in a way that offers Dru’s transformational tools to children, teachers in education and to post-natal women. She established her business The Yoga Garden focusing on these areas, sowing seeds of how to be in the world with an open heart. Suzanna supports Dru teacher training courses, events and projects, balancing this with her yoga teaching and family life.



Each location has a variety of our top international tutors and local support tutors.
All are trained to the very highest standards, so you can be sure that you are in excellent hands.