What you'll learn

What you'll learn in Dru Yoga training

About the dru yoga teacher training course

Whether you plan to teach, use the course to boost your therapeutic or HR qualifications, or just do it for yourself, the Dru Yoga teacher training course gives you broad mastery of yoga's many benefits.

Techniques you'll be trained in

  • 35 classical yoga postures & their body preps
  • 10 Dru Yoga sequences
  • 7 Energy Block Release sequences - unique to Dru Yoga
  • Complete mini-course on meditation
  • Detailed relaxation training syllabus
  • 17 classical breathing techniques, including 3-part breathing (Deep Yogic Breathing)
  • Mudras (hand gestures) and Bandhas (poses for strengthening your breathing)

Skills you'll learn

  • Specialised topics including yoga for pregnancy, women's health, backs, children, disability etc as well as partner yoga and yoga for common diseases
  • How to teach and practice yoga safely, even in large classes
  • Relaxation teaching skills that soothe every level of awareness - physical, subtle energy, emotional, thoughts
  • Yoga's deep insights into rapport building and effortlessly creating a supportive group environment
  • Communication training
  • Business and PR skills - set up your yoga teaching business!
  • Yoga anatomy and physiology
  • Subtle body anatomy & yoga philosophy
  • Teaching skills - presented in a fun, supportive way so you'll value them even if you don't plan to teach
  • Profound insights into the links between body, mind and emotions...
  • ... and how to effortlessly transform unhelpful emotions and thoughts into positive states of awareness

Give back to the world

As the course progresses you'll know so many techniques that help people live happier and more healthy lives that you're bound to find yourself sharing them widely. Even if you only planned to do the course for yourself!

Dru Yoga - helping you add a little more stillness to a fast-moving world.