• Make a living doing what you love

    With the Dru Yoga teacher training course you'll become a highly skilled yoga teacher, boost your skills as a therapist, excel as a group leader and make great friends along the way. A great new career option!

  • Train just for yourself

    Or you may want do the Dru Yoga training just for yourself, gaining from Dru's vast yoga knowledge and excellent training in group management skills. About 30% of our trainees do the course for their own personal interest.

  • Dru Yoga is for everyone

    You'll be trained to use Dru Yoga for people of all abilities and fitness levels. Based on flowing movements, controlled breathing and visualisation, Dru Yoga emphasises wellbeing with ease.

  • Positive health, positive wellbeing - scientifically proven

    University research shows Dru Yoga eases back pain, decreases stress, reduces anxiety and fatigue... while boosting confidence and emotional well-being. You'll be well-placed to make a great living!

  • Internationally renowned and accredited

    Certified with the International Yoga Alliance (200hr) and the Independent Yoga Network (UK) - assuring you of the Dru Yoga teacher training course's high standards and credibility.

  • The sky’s the limit - extended professional development

    Our postgraduate training programmes enable you to keep expanding your knowledge (inc. yoga therapy diploma; dru yoga dance; specialised yoga for backs, prenatal, children etc; advanced meditation; sound and nutrition etc).

  • You’re in good company

    Dru is the 2nd largest yoga teacher training school in the UK! With 14 courses running at any one time in the UK we're here to stay. Since 1985 over 3,000 yoga teachers have been trained worldwide.

  • If you are a therapist

    Boost your skills as a therapist with Dru Yoga's profound knowledge of how to clear painful thoughts and emotions from the body. Teach your clients self-help techniques to stay high between visits.

  • Earn as you learn

    Half of our students start to teach before graduation, earning as much as half their course costs before they finish. It's pretty easy to earn the rest within a year.

  • Create a supportive group environment

    Understand how to make your yoga classes into a supportive group experience with Dru's deep understanding of group energetics. Many HR professionals and corporate trainers do the course just for this reason!

  • Become a master of yoga's subtle energetics

    Deeply understand the subtle reasons yoga postures work. Dru Yoga teachers are trained to simultaneously improve all layers of awareness: physical, subtle energy, emotive, discriminating, unity.

  • Make friends for life!

    How could we miss this? It's very likely you'll make some of the warmest, most supportive friendships of your life amongst the many like-minded people you'll meet on the Dru Yoga teacher training course.